Hot Rod Product Line

Handmade in small batches. Variety of Styles. The best for your Hot Rod. Get Naked.

HOT ROD GEAR GREASE - Fluffy soft Jerk off mousse
  • $18.00
HOT ROD PISTION OIL - Silicone Lube - 8OZ
  • $22.00
HOT ROD LUBE TUBE - Hybrid Lube in a tin tube.
  • $22.00
HOT ROD RUBBING COMPOUND - Full body massage and JO cream
  • $18.00

Butt & Nutts

Body Wash for the Boys.

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Mercuralia Elixir

Our Mercuralia is made from the keif from our famous Fire Cider - Lit + Nip + Sip.
Concentrated with a few extra ingredients like watermelon juice, this exlixer is a perfect daily ritual to overall health and wellness.

A healthy body means a healthy penis! 

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HOT ROD Lubes & Creams

Our best seller!
Handmade Lube in a variety of styles.
Perfect for every naked occasion.
Only the best for your HOT ROD.

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Goon Grease

We only have 50 tins available - after that this lube will be gone for good!

Bathhouse Shower & Sauna Spritz

That classic "bath house" scent.  Use this invigorating spray in the shower, sauna or after the shower to soothe and cool sore muscles.  With a variety of natural oils, spray3-4 pumps directly into the hot water from your shower to provide a cool, aromatherapy mist. 

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Toys to Dip Into

Masturbation and Fuck Toys

TOUCH OASIS - Vibrating / Sucking Fuck Toy
  • $43.00
Tenga Jerk Off Egg - Misty Stronger
  • $15.00
THROUGH - Firmness: Hard Style Sex Toy
  • $22.00

It's Back!

Our crazy slick bate lube is back.
Because you insisted!
Only 50 tins available.

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Made By Men, for Men. Scents that men enjoy.

The MANCAN•DL - Cigar Lounge; Sweet Cigars + Leather
  • $21.00
MANDCAN•DL - Morning Wood; Fresh Cut Wood
  • $21.00
MANCAN•DL - Surf Naked; Ocean breeze and Coconut
  • $21.00

Solid Cologne

Perfect for the backpack, glovebox, and TSA friendly. Smells that smell like stuff men like.

Morning Wood, smells like freshly cut wood.
  • $21.00
Cruising the Park, smells like pine, cedar and clove.
  • $21.00
Smoke & Stroke, smells like tobacco and sweet rum.
  • $21.00
BDSM Kink, smells like leather and bourbon.
  • $21.00
Tighty Whities, smells like freshly cleaned laundry.
  • $21.00
Campfire Circle Jerk, smells like a summer campfire.
  • $21.00
Sex in the Grass, smells like freshly cut grass.
  • $21.00
Sweet Ass, smells like grapefruit melon and cedar
  • $16.00

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