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We help support men live their best life everyday.
Wellness in grooming, sexual positive health and mindfulness.

The Locker Room

Bath & Body Shop

Luxurious liquid and bar soap, shower sprays, solid cologne, body oils, massage creams & lotions.

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Elixir & Supplements

Sex elixirs, supplements,
gummies & fire cider.

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Bate and Sex

Lubes, Creams and Balms

Silicone, water-based, bate balm, specialty creams & lubes.

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Our Best Selling Cream

Time to ignite your personal hot rod for a smoother ride!
Our cream is smooth, thick, fluffy and soft.

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Travel Wank Cream

It's not every day you find a men's masturbation cream as faithful as this little puck. Whisk it away with you on any trip - after all, you never know when you might fancy a friendly round of (Wink, Wink) Stay smooth and moist lads, cheers! And your welcome.


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T-shirts and Undies


Luxurious themed t-shirts, underwear, sleep wear & lounge wear.

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Our heavy duty, soft cum rag for easy after jizz cleanup.


The Sex Shop

Rags, rings, lube cans & more.

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The Playpen


Masturbation sleeves,
plugs & bedroom gear.

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Gifts and Variety Packs


Variety packs of products for
trying out, collecting and gifting.

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Gift Cards

Load a gift card with $20,
$ 30, $50, $100, $150 or $200.

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