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Pocket Pool Cream

Pocket Pool Cream

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'Alone Time' Gets an Upgrade! Make way for your new go-to, blokes - Pocket Pool, the men’s masturbation cream in a travel-size puck. Admit it, no other personal pastime packs this much joy. Humdrum hand-jobs? Now a thing of the past. This merry-go-round ensures you’re prepared for that unexpected romp. Chug it in the bag or stuff it in your pocket - handy and always game for a little... entertainment! Ready for an impromptu wrestling match with the bald-headed champ?  .

It's not every day you find a men's masturbation cream as faithful as this little puck. Not picky at all, just a convenient companion when the little man has an itch to scratch, right fellas? Whisk it away with you on any trip - after all, you never know when you might fancy a friendly round of 'five knuckle shuffle'. (Wink, Wink) Stay smooth and moist lads, cheers!

3 OZ.

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