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Bathhouse Shower & Sauna Spritz; Eucalyptus Menthol and Black Licorice

Bathhouse Shower & Sauna Spritz; Eucalyptus Menthol and Black Licorice

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That classic "bath house" Eucalyptus Menthol and Black Licorice scent. 

They say community showers were all about water fights, shower pranks, and philosophical bathroom wall quotes. Well, guess what? Now it’s about being zen in a eucalyptus cloud. Our Men's Eucalyptus Shower Spray takes you on an invigorating wild ride, minus the shared shampoos and awkward 'accidental' nudging. It's a gentle prod from your frat past - minus the accompanying war stories of epic shower battles. Your own zen bubble...with a side of bathroom banter, what's not to love?

Use this invigorating spray in the shower, sauna or after the shower to soothe and cool sore muscles.  With a variety of natural oils, spray 3-4pumps directly into the hot water from your shower to provide a cool, aromatherapy mist. 

Increase circulation on the surface of the skin, opening up pores providing a warm feeling of relief for muscles and joints.

Mist diffuses in the air and hot water providing sensory benefits to nasal and bronchial areas cooling nasal passages.

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