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Geyser - Cum Boosting Gummies

Geyser - Cum Boosting Gummies

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For men who are more fizzle than pop, Here cums Geyser - our 'cum-boosting' gummies! Named after nature’s very own impressive eruption, this isn’t your kid’s gummy candy. They can help you transform into a throbbing human volcano, and  are guaranteed to make you smirk when you chew 'em.

Geyser a 100% natural semen volumizing formula. It’s made with over 13 extracts that provide fuel for the male reproductive system, creating larger, more intense orgasms. This formula is clinically proven to increase semen volume by 20%. With results starting in 2-4 weeks.  Changes are not dramtic and the best results have been seen with those who take consistantly.

  • Increasing Semen Volume
  • Ingredients: 

  • 1. **Zinc**: An essential mineral known for its role in testosterone production and seminal fluid improvement. Zinc deficiency has been linked to lowered levels of testosterone and reduced semen volume.

    2. **L-arginine**: An amino acid that the body uses to make proteins. L-arginine is thought to improve blood flow, potentially leading to better erections and contributing to the health of sperm.

    3. **L-lysine**: This is another amino acid that, when combined with zinc, has been shown to boost testosterone levels and increase sperm production.

    4. **Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)**: Studies have suggested that folic acid plays a crucial role in male fertility by helping generate strong and healthy sperm.

    5. **Selenium**: An antioxidant that is necessary for the proper functioning of the testes and seminal vesicles that produce sperm. Selenium can improve sperm motility and overall sexual health.

    6. **Vitamin E**: An antioxidant that helps protect the integrity of sperm DNA and enhances sperm motility.

    7. **Maca Root**: Often hailed for its ability to enhance energy, stamina, and libido. It may also help increase semen volume and improve sperm motility.

    8. **Tribulus Terrestris**: A herb popular in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, known to potentially improve sexual function and increase testosterone levels.

    9. **Fenugreek**: Studies have suggested that fenugreek may increase libido, sexual performance, and testosterone levels in men.

    10. **Ashwagandha**: An adaptogen that is believed to increase semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility by improving overall hormonal balance and reducing stress.

    When considering the use of semen-boosting supplements, it's essential to research and potentially consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any supplement is appropriate for your health situation. tThe effectiveness of these supplements can depend on individual factors including diet, health status, and lifestyle. Safety and interactions with other medications or supplements should always be a consideration.

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