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Mercuralia Sex Elixer

Mercuralia Sex Elixer

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Ever wish you could knock out a health tonic AND love potion in one gulp? Enter Sex Fire Cider, your daily fun-in-a-shot! Cider vinegar and an amusing mix of spices fuse into a punch that keeps the inner gears well-oiled. Be like the god Mercury – swiftly impressive from head-to-tip. Get that swag in your stride and shake off any fears of deflation with your new spicy sidekick.

Don’t forget to down it daily – nothing kills the vibe like needing Viagra in the middle of a dance-off.

Not meant to be fully consumed in one sitting.  Take one shot daily until done.
Up to 15 days of daily shots. 

In Greco-Roman belief, the god Mercury (Hermes) was thought to have invented masturbation and taught it to his son Faunus (Pan). Mercuralia was the celebration known also as the “Festival of Mercury”. Mercury was thought to be the God of merchants and commerce as well as the patron of masturbation. Mercury on this day because he was believed the patron of the act and that doing so would bring virility and sexual prowess. Given that May is now known as masturbation month, an auto-erotic experience could seem an appropriate Mercuralia observation...We created Mercuralia to not only celebrate Mercuralia, but for wellness and sexual health.

Concentrated with a few extra ingredients like watermelon juice,
which is often called "natural Viagra" because is contains L-citrulline, which relaxes
and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile
dysfunction; this cider is a perfect daily ritual to overall health and wellness.
A healthy body means a healthy penis!

Directions for Use: Pour a 1OZ in a glass and chug or sip.

Best if chilled and refrigerated after opening, but not necessary.
Ingredients: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Anise Oil, Watermelon Juice, Raw Honey, Lemons, Ginger
Root, Turmeric Root, Horseradish Root, Garlic, Onions, Jalapenos, Maca Root.
No Additives, All Natural.



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