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HOT ROD PISTION OIL - Silicone Lube - 12oz Refill

HOT ROD PISTION OIL - Silicone Lube - 12oz Refill

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Hot Rod Piston Oil.  Refill for our classic Tin and our lube oil cans.

So, you fancy yourself a little me-time? Then, friend, allow us to introduce you to Piston Oil. Crafted just for you fellas out there seeking quality time with their best bud. This is no quickie-in-a-bottle.

Slicker than a politician’s promise, and way more reliable! You won't need a gallon, either. A bit of our product, and you’re riding high for hours.

Our formula ensures a long, joyful journey that only requires a drop or two. Now who knew efficiency could feel this good? But don’t just take our word for it, grease up and see for yourself!



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