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Sex in the Grass, smells like freshly cut grass.

Sex in the Grass, smells like freshly cut grass.

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Remember those glorious days spent rolling around in freshly cut grass? When a hard day of work involved climbing trees instead of filling out TPS reports? Sex in the Grass cologne, bringing back fond (and fun!) memories in each tin. Embrace the nostalgic aroma without having to explain why you're laying on the neighbor's lawn sniffing their fescue. Plus, it's a solid, guys, melt-in-your-finger application - so no mess! Unless you count confusing the dogs.

Dude Tang is better than cologne sprays that leave you smelling like you were just chased by the perfume lady at Macy's.  These portable, concentrated cologne balms melt at your fingertips for fragrance on the go.  Just the right amount.  

SCENT: Smells like freshly cut grass.  Sex in the grass will bring back vivid memories of those warm evening nights rolling around naked in the park getting freshly cut grass stains on your knees and nuts. It's a fresh scent that will keep you outdoors even when your indoors. 

How To Use: Gently rub fingers across the balm and then apply to your (wrist, neck, etc.) The travel-friendly tin allows for a couple of applications a day.  Small enough to keep in your pocket and TSA friendly. 

Size: 1.5 oz.

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