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Dirty Soap - Eucaliptus and Lime

Dirty Soap - Eucaliptus and Lime

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Take a shower with Dirty Soap, the bar soap that throws it back to when we believed 'more the merrier' applied to everything - even showering!
 Good clean fun or innocent camaraderie? We're not here to judge, only to make you chuckle. Time to rekindle your sense of humor during those precious ‘me’ moments in the bathroom!

Are you too sanitized? Are modern showers making you feel claustrophobic? Go back in time with Dirty Soap! Printed on our bar is a snapshot of happy fellas doing the communal shower routine in a classic locker room - makes for a hoot of a conversation starter. It’s silly, it’s old-fashioned, it’s totally unorthodox - it's exactly what your shower didn't know it needed.

  NATURAL SOAP BAR FOR MEN: Made with plant-based ingredients and exotic botanicals from Indonesia. Its cold process method and natural glycerin formula provide ultra-nourishing lather and hydration, leaving your skin residue-free and refreshed.
MEN'S SOAP WITH EXFOLIATING NATURAL BOTANICAL: Perfect for achieving smooth, soft skin. Island botanicals add texture for an invigorating scrub that promotes an even complexion and natural glow. Conditioning suds leave skin feeling luxurious.
BODY NATURAL SOAP BARS: Natural soap bars are enriched with plant-based oils that gently cleanse and soften your skin. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin, our chemical-free formula is infused with all-natural ingredients that moisturize and soothe. No artificial colorants.
 LUXURY GIFT FOR MEN: Spoil yourself or a loved one with the ultimate spa-like indulgence in the shower or bath.  
HANDMADE SOAP: Cleansing experience for your face and body with Bali Soap's handmade all-natural men's soap, ethically sourced and sustainably produced in Indonesia. Infused with nature's goodness, this vegan, chemical-free, and animal-cruelty-free soap bar nourishes your skin to perfection.

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