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Cox & Bollocks



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Whisks away lube, your happy ending, and any other little presents that may have been left behind.  The fragrance? Delectably manly, we assure you.

Works on your intimate spaces, trusty tools, and yes, your much-loved leather couch (but seriously, the couch?!). This tiny powerhouse fights odors while subtly whisking away residue.

Next time you travel, slip this one in your duffel; beats trying to bathe in airplane bathrooms.

Super for your sex toys, friendly to your furniture. Why wash when you can spray and slay? 

Gently removes personal lubricants and bacteria from skin, surfaces, linens, and all your favorite toys.   Removes silicone easily. 

Just spray on and wipe off.
Perfect for when you can't shower after sex or a jerk session.
Leaves your skin soft and fresh.

For external use only.

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